Through a series of letters from fans, Ed discovered that the scenes he shot from 2009 – 2010 are the ones that are being requested the most. So for The All New Dirty Debutantes Volume 379 he’s brought back four hot girls, all experiencing a dirty old man (Ed’s words!) for the first time. There’s Kylie Anne, a cute 18 year old with a glint of innocence in her eyes. Missy Mae was 19 years old during her scene and had just come back to work after having a baby.

On the flip side, Amanda Bryant was an adorable 18 year old and shot her scene while four months pregnant. And finally, Izzy Bella Blu, 20 years old and shooting her first scene in LA. This movie is reminiscent of Ed’s earlier films in that there is less editing and more of the goings on in it.

Starring: Ed Powers, Missy Mae, Izy-Bella Blu, Kylie Anne, Amanda Bryant

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Ed Powers is back with a vengeance in The All New Dirty Debutantes Volume 378! On my road to my comeback I shot some scenes in late 2009, 2010 and recently in 2013. In 2009 I shot Natalia Aswaria in her first boy-girl scene. I love this scene for her beauty and the reality of the moment caught on tape. In 2010 I shot Haley Hart as she was coming into the biz and this was what I call my serious first comeback moment when I knew I had truly returned.

Also in 2010 I shot Krissy Sparks as she was entering the porn biz. The newest inductee into the dirty debutantes, shot recently in 2013 is Jassi Capri, young and full of spunk, especially when I filled her up for her first cream-pie. Jassi is a cutie. Please enjoy this newest episode to the continuous sexual adventures of the Dirty Old Man.

Starring: Ed Powers, Jassi Capri, Krissy Sparks, Haley Hart, Natalia Aswaria

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This volume is like a time machine, sharing with you scenes from past and present. Two scenes are from early in 2010, months before I got really serious about picking up a camera again. I shot AJ Estrada in one of her first scenes in which she ventures into something new with me and also Nikki Daniels in an early performance. These are both very hot scenes!

Recently I had the pleasure to induct two brand new Dirty Debutantes making an on camera debut with me. Sexy Savannah Lee explores her first anal and cream pie scene. Adorable Callie experienced her first time on camera and shows off a cream pie too. Just when I thought the prior volume was going to be my favorite along comes The All New Dirty Debutantes Volume 377 and this one now tops my list.

Starring: Ed Powers, Nikki Daniels, A.J. Estrada, Callie, Savannah Lee

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What makes being a Dirty Debutante is either being the talent’s first time on camera or performing something for the first time. For the traditional Dirty Debutantes Series Ed Powers introduces the new inductees of this volume, The All New Dirty Debutantes Volume 376. Ed started his comeback by shooting scenes in 2009. In 2010 he recorded Esmi Lee, who is 19 years old and Middle Eastern not Latin. This was Esmi’s first creampie with an older man on camera.

Ed also recently filmed Daisy Daniels and this is her first anal creampie. Tess Morgan is next and she’s 18 years old. Then Sinn Dee (AKA Emily Austin) gets filmed in her first scene with an older man, first anal and first creampie. Sindee is 23 years old and married. 376 also has a bonus scene with brunette Abigail Rose who is 19 years old performing her first blowjob on camera.

Starring: Ed Powers, Esmi Lee, Tess Morgan, Daisy Daniels, Sinn Dee (AKA Emily Austin), Abigail Rose

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This edition of The All New Dirty Debutantes Volume 375 features the same sexy action that you can expect from Ed Powers, but all of the featured girls are rising stars who Ed missed out on in the beginning. Casey Calvert experiences her first boy-girl POV scene. Although she’s filmed over thirty scenes, she’s only done blowjobs. Naturally, Ed gives her a back door delivery.

Sarah Shevon has accumulated over sixty shoots, but Ed gives her a first-time internal creampie experience. Like Casey, Sarah is represented by the esteemed agent Mark Spiegler. The girls talk about what the business is like and what it’s like to have such a notable manager.

Ed catches Alea Love down south and gets a taste of the fresh rising star. Bella Young barely has a dozen shoots under her petite belt. She tries anal for the first time. If you like to see pros banging amateur style, this is the movie for you!

Starring: Ed Powers, Sarah Shevon, Casey Calvert, Bella Young, Alea Love

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